PdbausaMembership Application:

All Team Memberships, including Associate but excluding Individual, entitles the member ability to obtain USDBF Group Liability and D&O Insurance. Festival Membership is required for Event Insurance. Membership runs on a calendar year from Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st.

• Festival Member: $300 for race organizers. This membership entitles you to voting privileges on the PDBAUSA Board and eligibility to host PDBAUSA Regional Championships/CCWC Qualifiers.  Must be a current member in good standing for one year prior to the year in which the event will be held.

• Club/Organization Membership: $300 for Dragon Boat Clubs/Organizations (See IDBF ByLaw 12.3 for definition of Dragon Boat Club) plus $100 for each Named Crew or team under the parent organization. This membership entitles the Club/Organization one vote on such matters requiring approval of Members per PDBAUSA Bylaws, eligibility to participate in PDBAUSA, USDBF and IDBF sponsored competitions (e.g. Club Crew World Championships, Team USA, USDBF National Championships/Qualifiers, Regional Championships/Qualifiers). 

o Crews/Team: A crew or team shall mean an entity comprised of more than one competing Racer who group together for the purpose of competing in a dragon boat race, event or regatta. The Named Crews are the Crews/Teams listed under the Member Club/Organization at the time Membership is paid.
o Eligibility to participate in Club Crew Qualifiers requires that Membership be paid at least 6 months prior to the date of the event.

• Dual Member (Festival and Club): $450 for Organizations who wish to join in both these categories. Dual Members are allowed one vote per Organization.

• College/U24 Membership: $50 for college/U24 clubs or crews who wish to participate with the same privileges as a Club/Organization Membership.

• High School (U18) and Middle School (U16): Fee Waived. The same privileges as a Club/Organization Membership except this is a Non-voting Member.

• Individual Membership: $35 for adults, $5 for anyone under the age of 24 (U24), and Free for U18/U16. This membership is available for any paddler who doesn’t belong to a PDBA Member Club/Organization and makes the individual eligible to try-out and participate in Team USA competition.

• Associate Membership: $100 for crews who are joining for the first time.  The fee will be $300 per year thereafter. They will have the same benefits and privileges as a Club/Organization Membership.

By joining PDBAUSA, Club/Organizations agree to abide by the IDBF Code of Ethics and USDBF Code of Conduct.

2020 Membership Fees and Requirements:

Please complete the pdf application and submit to treasurer@pdbausa.org with your payment.

Send your application and payment to:
Diane McCabe, Treasurer, PDBAUSA
607 30th St., Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

You can request a PDBA account here.