Foster City Dragon Boat Race


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Leo Ryan Park, Foster City, CA US


Founded June 08, 2014
June 14, 2015

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What is Dragon Boat?

Dragon Boat is essentially a 20 person canoe.  The race course is about
300 yards long.  For most teams, it will take less than 3 minutes.  The
boat is provided along with paddles, life jackets, and an experienced
steersperson.  We can also provide a drummer or you can use your own.
 video at www.bayareadragons.org


race is being held in Foster City lagoon in Leo Ryan Park.  Racing runs
from 9am to 4pm.  The race schedule will be announced a week prior to
the event. The water is very calm and not that deep.  There is excellent
visibility from all parts of the lagoon.  There is a Safeway, a CVS,
and restaurants just across the street if you forget anything.

What is a team?

are required to have a minimum of 16 paddlers.  Minimum 8 females for a
Mixed team.  Currently, we are not planning on having Womens or Mens
divisions.  If any paddlers are under 12, a parent should also be
paddling.  This is a novice race.  That means that all the members of
the teams will have less than 10 practices in the last 6 months except
for up to 2 veteran paddlers.  You can provide your own drummer but we
will provide one if you do not have one.  You can not provide your own

What is special about June 8?

boat has its own holiday - May 5 on Lunar calendar which works out to
June 2. Unlike China, we don’t get vacation on June 2 even though we
should. We will celebrate Tuen Ng on June 8.


will be 4-6 boat heats.  You are guaranteed a minimum of 2 races.  If
your team does well, it will keep advancing.  We do not know what the
maximum number of races will be.


$500 per team.  That works out to $25 per person.  Discounts are available.

Team Building Special

a company or organization with 4 or more teams, the entry fee is $400.
 You can present your own trophy.  The top teams will advance to compete
against your industry competitors.  A great way to have some healthy
competition within your company or across your industry.

Challenge Special

you know a number of similar groups or corporations, you can challenge
them to a race.  If you can recruit 6 teams, we will have a prize that
offers  The organizer gets a free entry or the winner will get a free
entry to next year.

20 person boats
300M races
All novice teams - only 2 paddlers should have more than 10 practices.


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