Wallowa Lake 7 Wonders Cup

Wallowa Lake State Park, Joseph, OR US


Founded August 26, 2016
Aug 24 - 25, 2019

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 Race Event Descriptions

The races will consist of four separate events, two held on Saturday and two held on Sunday.  Saturday’s first races will have a traditional one-heat 250 meter and a two-heat 500-meter event, as well as a two-heat timed slalom practice. Sunday will have a two-heat 500-meter race and racing experience featuring a two-heat 250-meter serpentine (Slalom) style course.  Finish order for the serpentine race will be determined by best time of the two heats.

Types of Teams

There will be an all-women 20-paddler team classification, 14 years old and older; a mixed 20-paddler team class (10 men maximum); a Grand Master class (over 50 years old) 20-paddler team; mixed-gender 20-paddler team classification (10 men maximum); and a 10-paddler mixed team over 14 years old (5 men maximum) will be added as a new class this year.  Tiller and drummers may be either gender in all classes.  In order to ensure quality and a rapid-moving event, a maximum of 30 teams will be accepted in the event. Teams will be accepted on a first-come basis.  See pre-registration section.


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