2013 PDBA Qualifier held at Lake Merritt on Aug 10-11 Official Results

archive of past winners forthcoming.

If your club or festival is interested in hosting the 2015 PDBAUSA Regional Championship, the RFP is located here.

What qualifies as a club for Club Crew World Championship? 

 (IDBF By-Law 12.3)
A Dragon Boat Club is defined as being a single Crew or group of Crews which have a formal Sports Club Constitution which, in general terms, shows that the Club’s individual members are responsible for the Club’s affairs; that they elect representatives to their governing Dragon Boat organization; that they elect Club Officers and Officials to manage the affairs of their Club; that the Club keeps properly maintained and controlled accounts; that the Aims and Objectives of the Club and its Constitution or Statutes, are consistent with those of their own governing Dragon Boat Association, where one exists and where appropriate the IDBF. 

Competitors must be bona-fide members of the Clubs that they represent, for at least six (6) months before the date of submission of their Crew Final Entry Form & Names List to the IDBF and be able to prove such membership if requested to do so by the Chief Official. 

Explanatory Note: IDBF Competition Regulations state that a bona fide Club Member is one that has regularly trained and/or competed for the Club Crew that they represent during the minimum period of six months before a CCWC. A bona fide Club Member will normally be resident in the Country in which the Club Crew is located. A Club Member who trains and competes with a Club Crew from a different Country or Territory or a geographical Region within a Country to the one in which the Club Member himself (or herself) is normally domiciled, will only be considered as a bona fide Club Member if they can prove that they have physically attended their Club to train or compete for a period or of at least twelve (12) weeks, over a minimum period of two (2) racing seasons. 

A Competitor may only be registered on a Crew Named Entry Form under the name of one specific Club and may not compete for any other Club. Only those Competitors shown on the Club Names List will be permitted to race in the CCWC. Club Crews are not permitted to recruit Competitors locally. 

Explanatory Note: The above regulation does not exclude a paddler from belonging to more than one Dragon Boat Club but any competitor participating in a CCWC must have been a member of the Club (crew) they represent for at least 6 months before the CCWC in question. It is immaterial if a competitor belongs to more than one Club. The regulation’s intent is that a paddler can only paddle in a CCWC with one Club at any one CCWC. That is, once a paddler chooses the club that he or she wants to paddle with they cannot then paddle in the same CCWC with another club. The IDBF Regulations main intent is to preclude a club stacking its crews with outside paddlers just for the purpose of a competing at a CCWC. Recruiting paddlers who have never trained with the crew concerned before a CCWC is deemed to be “stacking”.