Help with your PDBA Membership Account:

Why do I need an account?

Accounts allow you to post your own club or organization's information in our Membership List.  You can update your logo, bio, website, facebook, and twitter links.

If you are an Organization with a Festival Event, your account will allow you to update the date of your event, details about the event as well as upload images to promote your event.  Active members in good standing will automatically have their events promoted to all visitors to the site.

Who are accounts for?

Accounts are for Clubs or Festivals.  A single person from the organization should request an account.  Once your account has been verified, and approved, you will have access to the website allowing you to maintain your own profile for the world to better find you in our membership lists.

What are Events?

Events are Dragon Boat Festivals and Races anywhere in the world, but are primarily within the PDBA region.

My organization is in charge of Some Event, why can't I make changes to it?

If you are an active member in good standing, go to Festival Event, and search or browse for your event and click on request ownership After verification of ownership, you will have access to the Event to edit and maintain yourself.

If you are not a member of PDBA, you can request corrections or even a new event, but you cannot maintain the event yourself.  You will not have the ability to upload photos, display a banner, or promote your event to PDBA visitors and members.

Can I add an Event to the database?

Of course.  You can submit a new event.  After your review, your event will be added to the database.

There is a mistake in an Event, can you fix it?

Of course.  You can submit a correction at any time.  The Submit Correction button is located to the left of the mini-map when viewing details for any Event.

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