Classes and training camps come up throughout the year, and we keep our members updated on opportunities through our Facebook page. Here, we are featuring the regular offerings with close connections to PacDBA.

Connie Flesuras has over 20 years of experience in high-level, competitive dragon boating, and as a result, she has an incredible wealth of experience to share in her classes. In addition to her open classes, she can be booked specifically for your organization.

Watch our calendar for her offerings, which include:

  • Coaching, including Level 1 USDBF certification
  • Steering
  • Drumming
  • Paddling
  • One-on-one, personal instruction

The USDBF offers Race Official Certification. Officials are always needed at races, both local and national. The course curriculum also provides a deeper level of understanding about how races work, and is informative whether a certificate is desired or not.

An official referees a race in progress on Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA. Photo ©Ed Nguyen